Gabbriella Conte

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Book Promotion Article June 30, 2011.

For Better~For Worse~~~Happy Ever After~Happily Divorced

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Authored by Gabbriella Conte 

To be verbally abused sometimes, or should I say over time can be as bad as being physically abused. Sometimes to the victim or victims overwhelming because the outside world can not see what pain you are going through. Sometimes the pain is a daily occurrence with no let up. It grows until it escalates and you believe it is all because of you that this person has done this to you. Sometimes I wished he just would have punched me one good time so people could see he really was a monster, I know I really did not want this to happen but my brain was bloody from his verbal pounding on me daily for nearly 3 decades and I just could not stand it anymore. So I awakened from my coma and left before someone got hurt really bad and I would live to regret what could happen the rest of my life. I did not want to turn into the monster he had become. I have learned over three decades of my life and 20 some years of abuse that we do not cause this, nothing should ever be so wrong as to be treated this way, but it is something we allow to creep into our lives slowly. Some will abuse us slowly, growing in anger along the way. Others may have episodes of explosive anger come in physical beatings. None of this is because of our wrong doings. It is at the hands of those who have no control over issues in their life and they take it out on the innocent. Is it because of love? Most of us go on loving the person who does these horrible things to us. Even if at times we grow to not like this person somehow we stay and try to make it work or stay for the wrong reasons. We stay because we don't want others to know. We stay because of the children. We stay because of a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. We stay because we somehow think it is an easier life than having to provide for ourselves. We stay because we are afraid he will hurt us if we leave. We stay because we don't know how to do it on our own or if we will be able to make it work. We stay because we really do want to be married and want this marriage & family to blossom. We stay because we hope. I am here to tell you that no matter what your situation you are capable of more than you may think at any given time in your life. It will be worth it in the end. You will not only have along the way and in the end your pride, but you may also possibly save your life. 
Jack...Angelica & Gabriel....hid from the world and all their friends and family what was wrong in their home. To the outside world they appeared to be the perfect couple raising a child, but once that door was closed behind it was a different story. If only the walls and the pets could talk. Angie & Gabe would someday escape .


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