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Gabbriella Conte's name was taken from her great, great grandma from Brazil. Watch for her next book which will be released in 2011. It will consist of 2 books in 1 to make this a trilogy. This 2nd will be called  "For Better~For Worse....Happy Ever After~Happily Divorced" 
 Shame On Me by Gabbriella Conte was born when the relationship of 37 years of knowing her ex ended abruptly. At the age of 45 she left her marriage to a man who did not respect her. They became close friends during the nearly 13 years separate. When out of nowhere he changed his relationship with her as close friend to no friend. She knows why. What a man reaps he will sow eventually. If it weren't for how he handled this part of their lives there would be no book.  For this she is grateful. It has closed the door finally. It was a wonderful divorce. The best that anyone could ever expect. They became friends and it was good for everyone involved. It was a time of peace for all. Now by what happened it gave her even better peace than she already had because she learned old dogs cannot learn new tricks, or at least perform very long and can see the truth in alot that happened in the last 13 years. Something she possibly knew all along.She is the one with all the peace. Seeing the last year in print is the perfect closure for her to move on and see . She has learned alot in the last 13 years and is thankful for all the good times along with the growing times. She has reaped a harvest for the time spent befriending her ex. And it is a harvest of peace, joy and comfort more abounding than ever before. A joy for writing has finally surfaced to where it belonged all these years. All the misery she may have had in the marriage will come to life in her books. This is only the first of the series. Look for her next accomplishments For Better~For Worse coming soon and Happy Ever After to follow. She has only just begun to do what God had intended her to do all along. Write

The book has brought great closure to her life and allowed her to see herself for the very first time as successful in life. nothing in the last 37 years of her life has been in vain. It all has had a purpose. She lives a peaceful, grateful, content life in Pennsylvania laughing, living & loving fully, as if each day were her last to enjoy, thankful for all God has taught and given her.  The desire for writing was there all along. He always said she had a way with words. Now is her time to put it to good use to help those women out there who have or are going through a similar situation. There is hope and people can get along after divorce. And this is the message she wants to send to everyone. Life does go on and perhaps it can be your best life yet, no matter what your circumstances. Allow something bad to make you stronger.

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What the cover illustration stands for.......
You may ask "What does the Believe in Me" on the mirror have to do with the book. Well in my own personal life I do alot of praying and talking to God while putting my makeup on. During one of those sessions over the last 13 years of my life while talking to God about the direction I had chosen to take my life in. I felt strongly when asking Him "what now Lord?" He gently impressed those words on my heart "Believe in Me" not only to believe in Him to take care of all that I would ever need, but to also during this time to tell myself "Believe in ME" meaning I had to also believe in MYSELF, that I would be capable of getting through any tough time that would come my way. He would not fail me if I would not fail myself. I have hung on to those words many times in the course of the last 13 years of my life. It has made me who I am today. And this book is because of that. Without believing in God and myself I would have never written my experience. It has opened up a whole new world for me. One I now know was deep within me all along just waiting to jump out! Today I am experiencing a happiness I never knew would be a part of my life. Not to say that I was not happy yesterday...because I was very happy within myself & my life yesterday.It now is much deeper than ever before.  But when I look at all that I have accomplished and see in the future more of my life taking this direction. I would not change a breath and do it any other way. The bad has made me better, the weak times have made me stronger and the tough times have turned me inside out & upside down to become the balanced woman I am today. Yes I still have weaknesses and down times like all of you might, but I bounce back so much quicker than before. I have become more resilient to life. I am eager see what is next for me & where that takes me. I always did have a heart for adventure & my life has been just that! Blessings to all!


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