Gabbriella Conte
May 27 was the release date of my 2nd publication "ForBetter~For Worse~~~Happy Ever After~Happily Divorced". It is now available on & Also it may be purchased by taking the ISBN # to any bookstore and they will order for you if you request so. 
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Today  is wine tasting day. A nice rainy day for a drive to spend indoors wine tasting. What better way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon, heck any day is a good day for a drive and a wine taste! Lunch out with great tasting....yes the simple things in life is what it is all about.   
Yes, I agree with the quote above by Emerson. Some Christian's would argue me.While arguing this fact with me...would they have peace? I think not for the moment.  I am a Christian. Sometimes people do not look far enough into a meaning of words. God will bring you peace...but He just does not hand it out all over the place to you. How many of you would be aware of it if He did? We need to seek what we want in life with the wisdom we have learned. God is a gentleman...he gives us free choice. Freedom to choose if we believe in Him. Freedom to do with those beliefs what we choose. The real choice lies within ourselves. I am sure there are many Christians out there who do not have peace. Are they just waiting for God to hand it to them? You have to want it in your life. You have to act upon what you want to happen in your life.  Start within yourself and watch the world change around you. Without peace there is no love. Without love there is no peace.  

Maui....a place on earth my dear friend Deb calls home. This is the next vacation I will be taking when I am able to travel that far. I figured since I will be going there I should get used to the surroundings by listening and watching some peaceful videos. It has been just over 3 years since I was at the ocean & beach. Even on a dreary day the scene and sounds take me to a quiet, vast, powerful place in my body, mind & spirit. How could anyone deny God's existence when seeing and hearing these things. Huge, timely, in control, powerful, magnificent doing what it is to do each part of the day. Cleaning the ocean floor and dumping presents each day for us nature lovers. It is my paradise. My place I wish to retire...maybe not Maui...but any ocean front. To go to sleep near it, to wake up near it. Yes, that is love. Omnipotent, powerful love. Peaceful, tranquil love. The place I wish to be. So I visit often in my mind. 
It has been nearly 10 years since I rented a cottage on the beach at Siasconset,
Nantucket. We had it for 10 days. 10 days of sheer relaxation and energizing. It is the best trip I have ever taken with my son. Both free to do as we pleased each day and then joining in for dinner together or an excursion on the moors in a jeep (where cranberries grow) or shopping. All the while having massages & lunches to die for. This was all thanks to the divorce. Paid for on my own. Saved for many years. A long awaited trip well deserved. It was my renewing place to start my life on my own, to cast all my prior tribulations into the ocean and visualize them being washed out to sea. Yes, my imagination gets carried away....but it was a renewing time in my life in many ways. 
I now see my opportunity to go to Maui as a renewing also.....of mind, body & spirit...because this dreaded MS is weighing me down and I know the ocean, sand, shells & rocks are calling me once again. 
Deb.....hope to see you in a few months for a visit of coffee in the morning & wine in the evening...and all the other wonderful sites to behold!

Angel.... 04/08/2011
I believe in Angels. Mine sometimes works double time for me. I believe mine is a male. In the Bible there is no evidence they are female. They have male names. I don't know what my Angel would be named. But I do and have felt his presence in my life.He definitely has a stylish wild mane of hair.He is definitely beautiful.My Angel has turquoise eyes.  Perhaps we have more than one Angel. I think mine dresses in jeans, a t shirt and boots. He is always smiling (except perhaps when he may get his feathers ruffled  in the close calls I may get him into).  I envision him sitting on the hood of my car with eyes in all direction keeping me safe in my travels. I see him standing in the doorway of my home keeping Gabby & me safe. I see him sitting on the foot of my bed or standing over me while I rest or sleep. I definitely felt and saw him glide me down the 13 stairs I fell down last month. Angel has his work cut out for him. Although I don't think I bring a sweat to his brow because he is oh so strong.  I wonder if he reports to Mom & Dad in Heaven how I am? The wonders of Heaven & Celestial Beings. He may be too busy watching my every move to do any reporting. 
The beginning of March I woke up at 3:30am. As I was going down stairs to get my morning coffee I lightly held on to the banister, as I always have done. Thank God! My left foot has been totally numb since November. I stepped off, next thing I knew I was flat on my back, hand gliding slightly on the banister, bouncing back of head, right butt cheek ( I leaned so as not to injure my tail bone as I have injured it 3x in the past), and my heels of my feet bumping each and every step on the way. Gabby came running to the bottom of the stairs, scared looking. Crosses and pictures on the right side of me hanging the entire stairway down the wall went swaying as I glided past. In the blink of an eye it could have been all over. Shook up, I stood and went to the kitchen where Gabby followed. I leaned my back against the kitchen sink, picked Gabby up and just stood there and gave thanks. I regained myself but at the same time something very powerful came over me and I felt a bit weird inside my mind and spirit. I walked to the chair, sat down and momentarily was afraid to look over at the stairs. thoughts were as I sat in that chair and held my cat so closely.....I thought I was going to see myself sprawled out on the stairs or landing and dead. The image was so crystal clear in my mind's eye.  I thought no one will find me for days. Well wouldn't matter to me because absent in the body is present with the Lord if you are a Believer. I got the courage to take a peek. I was not on the stairs, I was in the kitchen of my peaceful, loving home holding my bestest friend Gabby. So I decided to get the morning coffee & it may have been the best tasting java I have made at home in a very long time. is truly precious. We can leave this world in the twinkle of an eye. Are you ready? Please be ready. 
Since then I have fallen the last 3 stairs a week or so ago. Doctor's now have sent me to PT to fix my gait as I drag my foot. Not my left foot which is numb, but my right foot. You probably would not notice me doing so unless you stared at me. But you can hear it drag. Personally I think I drag both feet as my footprints in the snow this winter only showed the front of the sole of my shoe and long skid marks in the snow behind that. That's fine for now....I am still walking. MS is trying to rob me. I have a good fight on my hands (and feet). I am not a quitter. I am a survivor of everything in my life. It will not get the best of me. 
So I suppose my Angel lost a couple feathers that day. Perhaps he enjoys the thrill of watching me.I keep him entertained I am sure.  I am glad he watches over me. I am glad I believe. I now smile when I remember my flight to the 1st floor.(it even makes me giggle because I think it was a funny picture to see.) Because I know I am safe.