Gabbriella Conte
I have several blogs already on for various interests. This blog roll will be used to offer brief updates on book reviews, book launches & signings and any other new idea's coming into my mind for the third book I hope to publish in 2012. I am full of experiences in life which I feel have taught me a lot & perhaps may at some point in your life be of interest to you. My heart has been heavy these last 15 years with losing numerous friends way to early in their lives and mine and from personal experience of losing both my parents just under 2 years. My father in 2006 and my mother in 2007. My whole life changed then, and I am getting by without them but there is a yearning to express myself on paper once again concerning my thoughts. Writing helps me tremendously.  My third book may be entirely on a different subject. We will just have to see where my inspiration leads me these next months and where God leads. 
Thanks for reading my new site & I hope to keep in touch. Please feel free to leave comments if you like.
4/2/2011 10:35:26 am

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