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So waking up this morning and doing alot of thinking & blogging on my other blogs. Blogged wine, blogged MS & steroids...what's left? My book that needs to get off to the publisher needs finalization on my end. I have a formatter ready in the wings to handle the specifics for me. Last year it was a tough road for me but I did the formatting alone, well, with the help online with verbal suggestions of a dear fellow author I met who lives in California. He was a wonderful young man and very helpful. This year I will let an agency handle this for me as my concentration from the MS is limited a bit.This next book is more raw and brave than my 1st. I have nothing to hide, no shame for how my life went or turned out. No regrets whatsoever, ever.  So I have written about the deepest moments I can remember. Some things, though are best forgotten. No, Mr book revuer (you know who you are out there!) There will not be any hot, bothered sex topics in my book like you expressed in your letter sent to my best friends home.  But I do tell some things some people will either laugh or say "Oh MY"!  So Mr book revuer (how you spelled reviewer) perhaps with your suggestions you included in your letter on "actual accounts" you  were a part of  in your life...."YOU" should write the next best seller. I'll buy a copy.  I wish you well with your works. 
For those out there who care to wonder "what is she talking about?" The letter is true, really sent to my friend for me. Intrusion to a person's home who had nothing to do with my writings except that she has been my friend for over 50 years. The letter could have just been placed on a comment on a local blog in the community  for all to see by revuer, but it wasn't and that is fine. Hiding. Some choose to hide behind their words. 
I let it go at that. My book was not about sex, did not need sex included. It was a book written to help women who have been, and are being abused and mistreated. Children also. It was written from my heart. It was about forgiveness, and moving on and becoming friends like never before. It was not written to be a best seller, although that would have been nice. If it has helped just one woman out there then it was worth it. And my feedback I constantly receive assures me I did it the right way. I have helped many so far. And they thank me. My personal sex life with my ex, or any other man for that matter, is my private life and will not be described in detail to anyone. There is enough fantasy out there to go around I do not have to partake in putting that into print. 
So one last thing I say is "did no one ever hear the saying....leave some things to the imagination." You are free to imagine..."was it good", "was it awesome", "was it awful", "was it dirty" even "was she no good"?  Doesn't matter because only the "Ex" & "I" know for sure.......and sex was not the problem. His liei, cheating and abuse caused our problems. Maybe he will write a book  & let you know. (although he never liked to read)
Live to Love so you can Love to Live ! now that this is cleared up (don't even know where that came from! I had never planned to share that letter!) the month of April will be spent pushing the manuscript out the door and to the formatter then the publisher!
4/7/2011 03:43:57 pm

you should show us the letter. why would someone do that to you?

4/11/2011 06:58:00 pm

Perhaps I will place the letter on here for all the world to see. It is my possession now. You ask why someone would do so to me. I have no clue. Doesn't matter much to me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but do you really need to be so discrete about it? It only makes me smile a bit more. These people are to be expected when you take a risk like exposing your life to others. But that is fine.I was sent to hurt and defer my thoughts I am sure.But I do not operate that way. Not my style, never was, never will be. may soon find a copy of the letter on my blog here....they actually took pen ans signed it. I know the writing ...what do I say to that? "I'm still smiling"!
It may be fair to my loyal, supportive fans to let you all see just what was sent. After all, seeing is believing.


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