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5 STAR RATING Donna Bennett May 12, 2010
Your have truely been Blessed. I feel in my heart,Your story will help many troubled hearts.

 5 STAR RATING May 11, 2010
Hope and change, two very real facts of life. In order to move forward in change one must have hope~

 5 STAR RATING  Chrissy Scalise April 12, 2010
You had me from the first paragraph! I can't wait to read it!
5 STAR RATING Anonymous April 04, 2010

5 STAR RATING Kim frm Crazy4Cards April 03, 2010
WOW! very strong! I like it!

 5 STAR RATING Anonymous March 30, 2010

 4 STAR RATING Anonymous March 22, 2010

 5 STAR RATING Mike Rusnak March 09, 2010
It takes a brave person to reveal ther true thoughts to themselves let alone others. Good for you!

5 STAR RATING Anonymous March 01, 2010
The pain of real-life struggles can be felt in your writing. Very well written.

3 STAR RATING Joanne March 01, 2010
Sounds interesting - a good read!

5 STAR RATING Patricia Cranford February 28, 2010
This sounds like my story, but I'm 64 and it's only been 3 divorce yet, but it's coming.

3 STAR RATING Anonymous February 28, 2010
This is something a lot of women have been through and it could help give some perspective!

5 STAR RATING Bonnie February 28, 2010
Great preview! Can't wait to read the book!

 5 STAR RATING Anonymous February 28, 2010

 5 STAR RATING Kristy Cardieri February 27, 2010
Sound amazing! I cannot wait to read the whole thing!

  5 STAR RATING Olenka February 27, 2010
WOW you definitely have a talent for writing! I wanted to read more! Can't wait to see it published!

5 STAR RATING LINDA GATES February 27, 2010
Love this, now I want to read the whole thing!!! When??????

5 STAR RATING Donna February 27, 2010
awesome I cant wait to read more

3 STAR RATINGev February 27, 2010
looks promising

 5 STAR RATING Kate February 27, 2010
I can't wait to read the rest of it -- I empathize with your story! I want to see how it's like mine

 4 STAR RATING Kathy Adams February 27, 2010
Excellent expression of emotions. Reading this small bit makes me want to read more.

5 STAR RATING  Barb Chehovits February 27, 2010
Awesome job, Kathy!! I am anxious to read the whole thing!! Love it!

Anonymous"Shame on Me" is an inspiring read! Reader Rating See Detailed RatingsPosted June 17, 2010, 11:07 AM EST:It's the story of one woman's journey of navigating through the complexities of divorce and the discoveries of self awareness. Neither claiming to be a 'how to' or 'self help' book, it is an honest look at a woman's struggle from the pain of her past and the victorious emergence into her new beginnings. It is a good read for anyone, not just those struggling through divorce. *****

AnonymousAWESOMELY TOLD TRUE LIFE STORY OF A WOMAN'S LOVE FOR HER EX...HOW FORGIVENESS CAN TAKE YOU PLACES YOU NEVER DREAMED! A MUST REED TO BOOST ANYONE'S SELF ESTEEM...I CAN NOT WAIT TO READ MORE BY THIS NEW AUTHOR!!! Reader Rating See Detailed RatingsPosted June 16, 2010, 6:30 AM EST: Gabbriella takes you on the moment in her life she lost an important friend. her ex. this book will help many women who think they are alone out there. whether you are divorced or married or single you can gain strength from her by reading her deepest feelings she is not afraid to share with the world. I got this book at a party and it was a wonderful weekend read for me. it has helped me imenensely to move forward and not cry. thank you Miss Gabbriella!

 4 STAR RATING Anonymous February 27, 2010
Sounds very personal and heart wrenching-excited to read this book

5 STAR RATING Gayle Williams February 27, 2010
Excellent. You do sound like you are straight from the heart and other should be able to understand.

 4 STAR RATING  Maureen February 27, 2010
your story is one that will inspire others. I enjoyed reading it and encourage you to write more.


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