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There is a story in all of us just waiting to come alive! Alive to express ourselves. Alive to heal ourselves. Alive to be heard like we may never be able to be heard by others. A way of moving on in life and allowing ourselves to grow within and become more of what we were meant to be. Our experiences and words and the willingness to release them will not only help and benefit us but also be there for the eyes and ears and heart and soul of one who may have walked our path before or might be walking now. Our success, battles and falls in life can be taken to a level which will bring you not only peace within but also the gratification to know that what you have learned, are learning and searching for still  are not only struggles and accomplishments by you but many will share where you are and have been and relish being able to follow your journey. Journey....that is the word! We are all  on a journey in time. Our time, linked together with other's time, making history for ourselves to share with the world. And the world back with us. It will teach us if we remain open to what it has to offer us. ~ It will show us it we let it~

I have placed my blogs and website on one site at this time to make it easier for those of you who follow me on a regular basis.  I do have a new book coming out in 2011. "For Better~For Worse~~~Happy Ever After~Happily Divorced" . Then the 2 books on the subject of my marriage, divorce & moving on will be placed on the bookshelf (in my home & in stores!) and not forgotten but as a reminder that the last 38+ years of my life have not been in vain. It has been a time of joy, hurt, sorrow, living, loving, laughing, hoping, forgiving, befriending, sharing. But most importantly it has been a time of me finally becoming me and finding out what really makes me who I am and liking me in the process. Realizing that somehow I had gotten lost in the shuffle of life, surrendered to the man I loved most in the world only to realize that who I needed to love most was not him, but myself and not allow abuse to live at the door of my home any longer and to let God into my heart, which I did 33 years ago and that is what held my marriage together for nearly 3 decades. But when I realized there was more to life than living life unhappily thinking everything was my fault and I could make it all better and  finally learning I was not the cause or reason for the hostility in our home, that is when I came out of my coma & began to really live my life fully and abundantly and I must say aside from giving birth to my son and watching him grow into a wonderful man and sharing the trials and tribulations of life with him, my going out on my own the last 14 years has taught me so much about myself that I will never look back with any regret. I will only look forward and gaze into the idea......where else will this wonderful adventure take me in the next several decades of life!  
This is MY  story......there is a happy ending! It began when I left to find me.

Take a chance & write your story! You may find out a lot about yourself in the process & if you blog it or publish it it may just be the darn best thing ever written to help someone. They will thank you. I know this from experience. Actually you may help yourself by doing this.
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To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance. 
To a friend, your heart. 
To a customer, service. 
To all, charity. 
To every child, a good example.
 To yourself, respect. ~Oren Arnold