Gabbriella Conte

Maui....a place on earth my dear friend Deb calls home. This is the next vacation I will be taking when I am able to travel that far. I figured since I will be going there I should get used to the surroundings by listening and watching some peaceful videos. It has been just over 3 years since I was at the ocean & beach. Even on a dreary day the scene and sounds take me to a quiet, vast, powerful place in my body, mind & spirit. How could anyone deny God's existence when seeing and hearing these things. Huge, timely, in control, powerful, magnificent doing what it is to do each part of the day. Cleaning the ocean floor and dumping presents each day for us nature lovers. It is my paradise. My place I wish to retire...maybe not Maui...but any ocean front. To go to sleep near it, to wake up near it. Yes, that is love. Omnipotent, powerful love. Peaceful, tranquil love. The place I wish to be. So I visit often in my mind. 
It has been nearly 10 years since I rented a cottage on the beach at Siasconset,
Nantucket. We had it for 10 days. 10 days of sheer relaxation and energizing. It is the best trip I have ever taken with my son. Both free to do as we pleased each day and then joining in for dinner together or an excursion on the moors in a jeep (where cranberries grow) or shopping. All the while having massages & lunches to die for. This was all thanks to the divorce. Paid for on my own. Saved for many years. A long awaited trip well deserved. It was my renewing place to start my life on my own, to cast all my prior tribulations into the ocean and visualize them being washed out to sea. Yes, my imagination gets carried away....but it was a renewing time in my life in many ways. 
I now see my opportunity to go to Maui as a renewing also.....of mind, body & spirit...because this dreaded MS is weighing me down and I know the ocean, sand, shells & rocks are calling me once again. 
Deb.....hope to see you in a few months for a visit of coffee in the morning & wine in the evening...and all the other wonderful sites to behold!


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